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  • 辣木的功效

    辣木叶支持肝脏,胆囊和肾脏,有改善贫血与代谢、支气管炎、降低高血压、控制血糖水平等功效。 维生素C是橙的七倍 维生素A是红萝卜的 四倍 钙是牛奶的 四倍 钾是香蕉的三倍 蛋白质是牛奶的两倍 是更健康有益的植物性蛋白质,含有很容易被人体吸收的钙。 含有维生素B1、B2、B3、E、铁、铜、硫和三种人体必需有的酵素,但在日常食物中罕。

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  • Moringa for Water Treatment

    Lack of access to clean water kills almost 4,500 children per day in Africa. Women need to travel an average…

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  • New Study Shows Moringa Oleifera Scores Highest Antioxidant Content in Food

    In an independent laboratory test, Moringa Oleifera scored the highest in antioxidant content. Beating the record-holding acai berry by over…

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  • IRDI Helping 30 local Zambian women create their own business

    Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI), a Zambian registered non-profit organisation, is providing skills-training in moringa cultivation to 30 previously unemployed local…

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  • Tzu Chi Moringa Project in Haiti

    In Haiti, Tzu Chi is encouraging residents to plant the Moringa Oleifera tree to help solve the food shortage problem.…

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