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Grenera Moringa – The Best Brand

Grenera Moringa – The Best Brand
August 5, 2016 Moringa

Grenera Moringa – The Best Brand


Moringa is considered as the most nutritional plant on earth. Including moringa alone in diet provides several health benefits. Hence it makes top among all other superfoods. The present market offers large range of energy drinks, vitamin and protein supplements loaded with artificial ingredients harmful to the body. In such cases going for natural products offers great value for money.

Moringa is a natural source of nutrients with immense health benefits. Hence many people have chosen this natural path to a great health with highly satisfied results.

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Why choosing a good brand of moringa is important?

There are various brands of powdered moringa leaves and moringa products available in the present market with nutritional benefits. The process of moringa production requires following high standards and care. From farming, processing to packaging, each stage requires adherence to high standards to ensure superior quality moringa products. Fresh moringa leaves are to be processed under specified temperatures as high heat can cause breakdown of nutrients thus reducing nutritional content of the final product. Hence it is important to choose a good brand of moringa to reap its optimal health benefits. Grenera moringa is regarded as the best as compared to other brands of moringa.

Why Grenera (a brand) Moringa as compared to other brands of Moringa?
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With the numerous health benefits of moringa revealed, several moringa brands have spurred up in the recent years. With such an extensive range of moringa brands available in the market, selecting the right brand often gets tricky. Several health conscious people have chosen Grenera moringa over other brands and have found satisfying results. Let us know why Grenera moringa is the best as compared to other brands of Moringa?

Process involving complete care: Moringa trees are planted to allow them grow naturally. The mature leaves are then directly transported to factory where they are processed under strict quality standard and complete care.

Best quality: Only freshest moringa leaves are used to make moringa capsules and powder. Any dry or old leaves are discarded. The leaves are carefully handpicked before dawn. This protects nutrients of moringa leaves from any destruction due to direct heat from sunlight.

Organic and pure: Grenera moringa is purely organic and is made from 100 percent moringa leaves. The company grows its own moringa tree in over 250 acres of land in India. Each tree is taken care and grown under natural conditions, free from pesticides and artificial supplements. Mature moringa leaves are handpicked to make the best organic moringa powder.  The produced moringa powder is absolutely pure and free from any filler or artificial additives.

USDA organic certified: USDA certifies Grenera moringa as completely organic. No pesticides are sprayed during farming. Moringa trees are naturally grown and free from any genetic modification. The farming sites are inspected annually to ensure high quality is maintained.

High standards: The leaves from the organically grown trees are processed under highest safety standards. The processes are Halal, GMP and kosher certified. The prepared products are then packed under high standard and safety conditions to ensure complete nutrition and quality of the product.

Strict standard specifications: Nutritional content of moringa can reduce when exposed to high heat. Hence moringa leaves are powdered and processed under strict standards and specific temperatures to ensure its complete nutrition remains intact.

Certified company: Grenera Nutrients is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and GMP certified company. Moringa products are manufactured under standard specifications, safety and precautions to ensure highest quality.

Purely vegan and vegetarian: Grenera moringa products are purely plant based and hold vegan certification. They are free from eggs, meat, dairy products or any animal derivatives. Thus moringa proves a high source of nutrition for both vegans as well as vegetarians.

Gluten free certified: Grenera moringa is completely gluten free which means it is free from gluten. Hence people with celiac disease and suffering from inflammation can safely take Grenera moringa.

Various Grenera products: Grenera moringa is available in several varieties that include in the form of tea infusion, smoothie, instant juice mix, raw moringa powder and moringa capsules. With so many variations available, including moringa in daily diet is made easier.

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Grenera Moringa Products

Grenera offers a wide range of moringa products to match your personal taste and lifestyle. With an assortment of Grenera moringa products easily available, now including this superfood in your everyday diet is much easier than ever before. Let us look into some of the interesting and tasty ways of having Grenera moringa

Moringa tea: Consider starting your day with a cup of Grenera moringa tea. An array of infusions has been created by blending moringa with various healthy ingredients to create unique flavor. Choose your favorite infusion from green tea, pomegranate, strawberry, apple cinnamon, ginger, mint, lemon and herbal mix.

Moringa leaf infusion: If having loose leaf infusion is your style then choose from three exciting flavors of lemon ginger, chai infusion and moringa premium.

Moringa smoothie: People looking for tasty alternatives of including moringa can go for moringa smoothie. It is one of the tastiest ways of including moringa in your diet. The smoothie comes in three great flavors of pomegranate, pineapple and mango.

Moringa instant juice mix: Refreshing and energizing, moringa juice mix provides the body with the essential nutrients to keep you going. They also make great summer drinks to keep you cool and hydrated. The juice mix comes in flavors of mint, greens ginger and greens citrus.

Raw moringa powder: Grenera moringa powder is made purely from organic moringa leaves. It is a powerhouse of essential vitamins, nutrients and a rich source of several antioxidants. Just mix few spoons of moringa powder in a glass of water or directly add it to your recipes.


The bottom line

Grenera Moringa is considered as the best brand of moringa. Moringa trees are grown organically; the leaves are handpicked, processed and packet under highest safety standards and specifications to retain its full nutritional content. Grenera Moringa products thus produced are of superior quality and rich in nutrition as compared to other brands of moringa available in the present market.