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HandMade Moringa Soap

HandMade Moringa Soap
December 10, 2016 Moringa

An Interview with the Founder and Maker of Soap is proud to have the founder and maker of Moringa soap bar, Suyin to share with us on the wonders of this chemical free Moringa soap.

Having experience the wonders herself, she would like to help more people in living a healthy, chemical free lifestyle as well!

What makes you make Moringa Soap?

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life but most probably aggravated the last 6 years due to work stress. I began my homemade goodness journey since 2010 with home cooking & baking. After 1 year, I ventured into making my own lotion and skincare due to my sensitivity to chemicals.

However, work gets even more stressful and by then I’m working in a regional role, travelling between 3 countries in a week.

After being hospitalised every year for severe eczema, I had to do something about my health. I started by eating better for my health. That includes taking moringa as dietary supplement. Actually, my mum was the one to make me take moringa to improve my health. At first I thought moringa is just another fad my mum got into. But I was wrong. I started to feel different. Better, in fact.

When I started making my own handmade soaps, I’ve decided to incorporate the goodness of moringa into my soap too!

Know the facts of Moringa Bar Soap

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Why Moringa?

Moringa ah? I don’t know much about it. Except that after taking moringa supplements, I had more energy, my skin started healing more rapidly until finally I can go without steroids or eczema medications.

Of course it didn’t happen overnight. Compared to medication, the healing process is slow. However, I don’t intent to be on medications for the rest of my life. 5 years on high dose medications was already very tough. After prolonged medication, I have many side effects problems. I suppose that’s how I ended up in the hospital.

I’ve decided to make my own soap when i couldn’t find soaps with less of the ingredients I don’t want and more of the ingredients I want.

Most commercial soap and shower gel contains chemicals, fragrances or essential oil that is not suitable for skin that’s as sensitive as mine

Once I was using a popular face cleanser that caused my face to swell up.
Due to that, I’ve decided to make my own soap with food grade ingredients.
Once I start using my own soap, my skin stops reacting to everything and slowly normalised.

These days, I can even put on makeup!

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