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How does Moringa benefit Lactating Mothers?

How does Moringa benefit Lactating Mothers?
July 22, 2016 Moringa

How does Moringa benefit Lactating Mothers?

Motherhood is regarded as a wonderful blessed experience for every woman. Every mother on this earth wishes to have her child healthy. The health and medical field has undergone a massive revolution with the invention of sophisticated drugs and medical procedures. Despite the updated advancements, having child in a healthy and safe process is a serious concern. Subsequent procedure involves healthy feeding to ensure the infant’s healthy growth and development.

From baby formulas to supplements, the list of baby foods in the market is extensive. But nothing can replace best than mother’s milk, one of nature’s finest gift ever. Mother’s milk contains the perfect mix of nutrients required for the infant’s complete nourishment. Scientific studies prove that breast feeding is healthy for both the infant and mother besides strengthening the child’s immunity system. Breast feeding is considered the healthiest natural feeding method.

However, several lactating mothers experience difficulties in producing sufficient milk for full nourishment for their little ones. Hence they seek help in increasing their breast milk and nutritional quality. So how do lactating mothers meet the requirement of improved nutrition for their infants? Though the market is loaded with an array of products to boost lactation, several mothers have sought for natural and effective plant based source called moringa.



What is Moringa Oleifera?

Moringa Oleifera, commonly referred to as drumstick tree, is a native to Africa and India. Due to the tree’s associated immense health benefits, it is now widely cultivated across the world making a niche in the superfood market. The evergreen tree grows up to 35-42 ft with extended branches bearing lush green leaves, white flowers and hanging drumsticks. Every part of the moringa tree from its roots, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits to seeds has been successfully utilized for preparation of Ayurvedic and herbal medicines since ages. Loaded with high nutritional value and extensive health benefits, moringa has risen to the reputation of being referred to as “The Miracle Tree”.

Scientific name: Moringa Oleifera

Family: Moringaceae

Other names: Drumstick tree, benzoil tree, ben oil tree, horseradish tree

Native: India, Africa

Application: Cuisines, herbal medicines, herbal products

Diverse health benefits of moringa

Moringa is a powerhouse of Vitamin A, B,B6, B2, C, antioxidants, and super rich in nutrients such as calcium, beta carotene, protein, iron, amino acids and magnesium. Its high nutritional content makes moringa in the superfood list.

Moringa leaves are densely packed with nutrients containing 4 times higher calcium, potassium and vitamin A than milk, bananas and carrots. It is the best source of plant based vitamin B3, magnesium and iron.

Moringa with its high nutritional value is known to offer diverse health benefits. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of moringa

  • Lowers blood cholesterol level
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances blood sugar levels
  • Relieves constipation
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Protects against cancer
  • Nourishes hair and skin



Why moringa for lactating mothers?

Scientific studies prove that lactating mothers who consumed moringa leaves had a staggering increase in breast milk flow with up to 150 to 176 percent. This is great news for all the lactating mothers who are seeking for safe and natural path to enhance breast milk flow.

Benefits of Moringa for Lactating Mothers

The ultra-rich nutritious compounds found in moringa prove especially helpful for the lactating mothers in breast milk augmentation as well as nutritional enhancement. Mothers can thus feed their baby in the most natural way without any harmful side effects. Moringa provides the body with top nutrition thus making it highly recommendable for mothers with newborn infants.

Doctors highly recommend moringa to mothers of preterm babies to ensure infants gain access to uninterrupted supply of their mother’s milk. During pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes and requires additional supply of nutrients to support the growing fetus in womb. For expecting mothers, including moringa in everyday diet helps meet the daily recommended nutritional value and prepares the body for better lactation.

Enhanced nourishment: Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are prevalent in pregnant women and lactating mothers. One of the greatest benefits of including moringa in everyday diet is it offers the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber for enhanced nourishment during pregnancy and lactation. Including this superfood ensures that mothers acquire all the nutrients required to keep strong and healthy during the nursing phase.

Enhanced milk production: Studies prove that taking moringa doubles the level of milk production in lactating mothers. Pregnant women who consumed moringa leaves experienced rapid breast milk flow post child birth.

Improving nutrition quality: Taking moringa meets the mother’s nutritional requirement significantly improving the quality of breast milk. Thus the infants receive complete nutrition from mother’s milk without the need of depending on artificial baby food supplements. This keeps both the mother and baby healthy.

How to include moringa in everyday diet?

There are various ways to include moringa in regular diet. Moringa capsules available in the market contain the nutrients present in moringa leaves. Other forms include as dry leaf, powdered leaf and also as tablets. For clean eating, including fresh moringa leaves in everyday meal is a great way to reap complete health benefits.

Moringa leaves are the highest source of nutritional content. An interesting way to include moringa in diet is adding the rich green to recipe preparations. But do not limit yourself to just the leaves, the fruits and flowers can also be included in your diet. Here are some amazing ways of including moringa in your meal

Soups: Swap your spinach soup with moringa leaves soup. Cook the leaves separately with enough water until soft before adding them to your soup as moringa leaves takes a little more cooking time than spinach.

Salads: Microwave moringa leaves until soft and add them to your salads for increased nutritional value.

Curry: Drumsticks and moringa leaves curry make a delicious healthy dish for the entire family to relish on.

Juice: In a juicer blend 1 cup fresh moringa leaves with a dash of lemon juice, pinch of salt and enough chilled water to make healthy green juice.

Bottom line

Moringa Oleifera is highly packed with essential nutrients offering immense health benefits. The rich compounds in this superfood prove particularly prov helpful in breast milk augmentation. Thus for lactating mothers moringa is regarded as the safest, natural and effective method to enhance lactation and nutrition for full nourishment of the infants. Expecting women and lactating mothers are highly recommended to include this powerful plant based superfood in everyday diet for optimal nutrition content and natural healing.