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Grenera Moringa versus Spirulina versus Wheatgrass

Grenera Moringa versus Spirulina versus Wheatgrass
August 19, 2016 Moringa

Grenera Moringa versus Spirulina versus Wheatgrass



Superfoods are dense in nutritional content having immense health benefits. Grenera moringa, spirulina and wheatgrass make to the list of green superfoods. When considering these three green superfoods, many people have one common question in their mind, which is the best among them? Each of these green foods is loaded with high nutritional content thus taking them to the superfood category. However, in order to determine the best among them, it is important to keep in mind certain factors such as the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants present in each of these superfoods. The higher their amount, the healthier they are. Let us look into detail what each of these green superfoods contains, what makes them healthy and which one makes to the top list among these three.

Why grenera moringa scores over spirulina and wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is extremely rich in fiber and contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins. It is usually consumed in the form of juice and is also available as pills or liquid extract. Wheatgrass helps to minimize constipation, help in weight loss and boost the immunity system. Spirulina is basically a blue algae extremely rich in protein and also contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins. It comes in the form of powder, pills or flakes and is used to strengthen the immunity system.

Moringa, also called as drumstick tree is considered as the elixir of life. Moringa leaves are known to contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than spirulina and wheatgrass. Including moringa alone as a part of the regular diet can help meet the body’s several nutritional requirements. Hence, grenera moringa is regarded as the best superfood when compared to spirulina and wheatgrass. Being rich in several vitamins and nutrients, Grenera moringa proves a natural source of nutritional supplement. In India, moringa leaves, roots, flowers, bark, fruit, and seeds have been used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines since the ancient times. Every part of the moringa tree is known to contain high medicinal values.




 moringa leaves




Wheatgrass Superfood


Chart displaying nutritional content of Grenera Moringa versus Spirulina versus Wheatgrass

Per 100 g Units Grenera Moringa Spirulina Wheatgrass
Energy Kj/kcal 1141/274 1306/309 825/195
Carbs g 19.2 11.3 21.8
Protein g 23.1 56.6 21.5
Fiber g 31.1 16.4 42.1
Fat g 4.7 4.1 2.4
Sodium mg 128 300 0.2
Sugar g 7.4 3.7 1.3
Vitamin A %RDA 325%    
Vitamin E %RDA 169% 108%  
Vitamin K %RDA 2133%    
Riboflavin(B2) %RDA 64% 493%  
Thiamin (B1) %RDA 15.4% 127%  
Niacin (B3) %RDA 19% 37%  
Vitamin B6 %RDA 44%    
Calcium %RDA 297.5% 34%  
Potassium %RDA 57%    
Phosphorus %RDA 39%   37%
Iron %RDA 468% 591%  
Zinc %RDA 20% 33%  
Magnesium %RDA 191%   37%

Rich Source                RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

Health benefits

Grenera moringa, spirulina and wheatgrass are known to provide numerous health benefits. Rich in fiber, protein, chlorophyll, low in fat and calories; wheatgrass helps to detoxify the entire body, alleviate constipation and promote weight loss. Spirulina is a rich source of protein, chlorophyll, vitamin B2, B1 and B3, iron and zinc making it an ideal iron and protein supplement besides detoxifying the body, strengthening the immunity system and lowering LDL cholesterol levels. However, spirulina harvested in contaminated water bodies can contain a high amount of toxins. Hence, it is important to choose spirulina that has been harvested correctly in non-contaminated water bodies else it can cause more harm than good.

Grenera moringa contains a higher amount of several vitamins and minerals than wheatgrass and spirulina. It is highly packed with vitamin A, E, K B6, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium. Moringa provides the body with superior nutrition. The rich vitamins and minerals present in moringa help to boost the energy level, support healthy teeth and bones, reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen immunity, reduce inflammation, and help minimize the chances of cancer and several health disorders.

How to include them in diet?

Wheatgrass is taken as a fresh juice. Fresh wheatgrass is firstly cleaned under running water and then placed in a juicer to extract its juice for immediate consumption. Alternatively, wheatgrass is also available in the form of pills and ready-made juice extract. Spirulina is available in the form of powder or pills. The powder is to be mixed with drinking water before consuming. While spirulina and wheatgrass are mostly available in limited form as powder, pills, and juice extract; grenera moringa is available in various forms thus making it a lot easier as well as delicious to include in the everyday diet.

Pure grenera moringa is available in the form of powder. It also comes as pills and dry loose leaves. The more appeasing forms of Grenera moringa include herbal moringa infusions, moringa fruit juice and moringa smoothies in exciting flavors. Moringa smoothie can also be used to make healthy and tasty desserts. With such numerous options available, making your kids have moringa is no longer a hectic task.

Any food when taken in moderation is considered healthy. Any cases of overdose can turn unhealthy and lead to health problems. Hence it is always recommended to start with a small quantity and increase the dose gradually. This provides enough time, allows the body to adjust and accept the positive changes.


The bottom line

Grenera moringa, spirulina and wheatgrass are all green superfoods highly packed with nutrition. Wheatgrass being extremely rich in fiber, chlorophyll and low in calories helps to detox body, alleviate constipation, and aid weight loss. Spirulina is loaded with proteins, chlorophyll iron, vitamin B2, B1 and B3 that help in boosting the immunity system and body detoxification. Grenera moringa is a powerhouse of vitamin A, B6, E, K, phosphorus and magnesium. When compared to wheatgrass and spirulina, Grenera moringa is richer in several vitamins and minerals with enhanced health benefits, higher in chlorophyll content as well as superior source of plant based nutrition. Thus including grenera moringa in diet provides the body with enhanced nutrition and health benefits.