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Gentle Cleanser Tea

Gentle Cleanser Tea



What’s in it for you?

  1. Moringa Ginger Tea (20 individually packed tea bags) x 1

100% Natural. High in Antioxidant. Caffeine-free.

The combination of ginger and Moringa powder works as a digestive tonic as well as a gentle cleanser, detoxifying your entire system. Great remedy for appetite loss, indigestion and motion sickness, while also providing the body with the best nutrition that nature has to offer.

Tea bag full of benefits:

– Helps in detoxification
– Stimulates appetite
– Relieves indigestion
– Relieves motion-sickness
– Combats stomach discomfort
– Reduces inflammation
– Fights common respiratory problems
– Encourages normal blood circulation
– Strengthens immunity
– Relieves menstrual discomfort
– Relieves stress

Each box of Grenera Moringa Ginger Tea contains 20 individually packed tea bags.


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