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Grenera 100% Pure Moringa Seed Oil

Grenera Moringa Seed Oil



(Skin, Lip and Hair Care)

100% pure and cold pressed Grenera Moringa Oil gives you youthful and flawless skin as well as stronger and healthier hair and scalp.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Grenera Moringa Oil (100 ml/bottle) x 1

What is inside each bottle?

The oil is derived from the seeds of the organic moringa trees. oil does not leave an oily or sticky feeling as it is easily absorbed by the skin, even in tropical countries like Singapore where it is hot and humid all year round.

The cold pressed oil retains all the good properties. The oil is stable in nature and does not turn rancid easily. It has a shelf life of up to five years and will retain its properties for a longer period than other skin or hair care products you find on the market. oil possesses exceptional oxidative stability which may explain why the Egyptians placed vases of Moringa oil in their tombs. Moringa oil has a nutty fragrance and pale yellow consistency. Moringa oil has been used in skin preparations and ointments since Egyptian times.

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Benefits of 100% Pure Moringa Oil

Skin Care

  1. Reverse visible ageing
Reverse visible ageing Cytokinins, a plant hormone found in oil promotes cell growth. Coupled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, oil slows down the process of ageing and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving you youthful looking skin.
  1. Natural healthy glow oil fights sebum (oil) secretion and skin fatigue. It reduces shine, leaving your skin matte and fresh all day long, giving it a natural healthy glow.

  1. Flawless skin oil fights acne and removes blackheads, as well as reduces the dark spots from acne and hyperpigmentation, leaving you with flawless skin。

  1. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil helps treat minor skin abrasions, cuts, rashes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, sunburn and skin infections.

  1. Treats rough and dry skin conditions oil helps sooth rough and dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
Lip Care oil moisturises and hydrates chapped or dry lips. Say goodbye to dry, red, cracking, flaking and sore lips.
Say hello to kissable soft lips with oil!

Hair Care

  1. Moisturises dry scalp

After you have washed your hair, massage some oil onto your scalp gently while your hair is still slightly wet to allow the oil to be better absorbed. Ideal for people with dry scalp.

  1. Stronger and healthier hair

Apply oil onto the tips of your hair which is prone to frizzinesss, split ends and tangles. oil deeply repairs, moisturises and protects hair to make it shiny, stronger and healthier.

Nail Care
Gently massage oil onto your nail cuticles to condition and strengthen fragile nails and to prevent splitting and breaking of nails.
Joint Care oil provides you with relief from the pains in the joints and gout. It also brings down swelling and inflammation.
Simply massage the oil onto the painful joint and gout areas.

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