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Special – ‘Tulsi Tea’ Menu

Special – ‘Tulsi Tea’ Menu
August 9, 2017 Moringa

Our Special Tulsi Tea Menu

Why Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi, also known as ‘Queen of Herbs’ or Holy Basil is a sacred herb of India discovered 5000 years ago. Several depth of research has been done to discover the therapeutic effects of this super herb.

5 main benefits of Tulsi includes:

  1. A great detoxifier and diuretic that supports renal health.
  2. Aids weight loss and boost digestion by increasing metabolic rate and healthy maintenance of liver.
  3. Rich in anti-oxidants such as Orientin and Vicenin that helps to contend free radicals and fight cancer.
  4. Immune system booster with anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Maintain healthy levels of stress hormones, otherwise known as cortisol in our body

How is Grenera Tulsi Collected? 

These leaves are cultivated organically and processed in controlled condition. All leaves are collected from our nearby organic farms and processed immediately as soon as they reach our factory. This helps us to offer the freshest infusion to our customers.