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IMG_0686Janice Tan, 28 , Sports Executive
“5 times in a row – that is how many times I was rejected for blood donation due to my low haemoglobin level. I was always sent home with a box of iron pills to increase my haemoglobin level, but they gave me constipation! However, I am able to donate blood after taking Moringa capsules after just one month! I call it my Superb-food in a capsule! Moringa is amazing!

Now, I also feel more awake in the morning, even without my daily dose of caffeine infusion. I even recommended my mom to take Moringa!”

Saniya PhotoSaniya Karimova, 29, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Xtend Barre Instructor
“I’ve always believed in exercising and eating clean and am quite sceptical about nutritional supplements that are sold in abundance in the market today. However, I decided to give Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder a try because it is all natural. Moringa did not disappoint me. It gives me energy. I can now perform better at work and helps me stay focused most of the day.

Moringa is so easy to be carried around and taken with food. It is also nice to add Moringa in my smoothie. I do banana, spinach, chia seeds, milk and Moringa smoothie every time I need a healthy and light breakfast.

I’ll definitely recommend Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder to my friends and family. It’s nutritious, all natural, and absolutely affordable!”

testimonial_jessicacambaJessica Camba, 40
I catch colds and coughs easily even though I take multivitamins supplements everyday. I think it’s because I take the public transport to work. But after I started taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder capsules, my immune system strengthens. I don’t catch viruses so easily anymore.

Before, I used to feel sluggish after a day at work. Now, Moringa has boosted my energy level. I also give Moringa capsules to my children and husband and they too benefitted from it. Moringa does wonders for me and my family’s health.

cmlCao Mei Ling, 55, Full Time Volunteer
I used to be a very light sleeper. After I started taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder capsules, I can sleep more soundly.

My eyes have become more comfortable and refreshed after taking Moringa! I can see the words on my books more clearly now!

Efendi Testimonial photoEfendi Lim, Working Executive
“I believe that the food I eat everyday does not give my body enough nutrition, hence I started taking multivitamins.

But since I started on Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder, I’ve stop taking other multivitamins as I believe Moringa gives me as much nutrition as other multivitamins and on top of that, it is organic! :)”

Sze Ting Testimonial Pic
Soo Sze Ting 19 , Polytechnic Student
“Coupled with regular exercise, Moringa is helping me lose weight by increasing my metabolic rate! I’ve been taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules for a few months and my love for it increases each time i consume it.
I have no more constipation now and I feel energetic everyday. Thank you for making me feel healthier day by day!”
Ivan Testimonial PicIvan Ho 24, Aerospace Technician

“I was heavily dependent on caffeine. I usually need about three cups of coffee or three cans of Redbull or Monster energy drinks to keep me awake throughout the day for my work.

After taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules for a month, I find myself filled with energy and I no longer require coffee or Redbull to keep me going.”

Crystal Lim 27 , Sales ExecutiveCrystal Testimonial Pic
“I’ve been taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder capsules for almost 2 months now. I manage to maintain my body weight even with all the Chinese New Year goodies.

My body is more energetic than before. It definitely helps boost my immunity as i rarely fall sick now!”

AnnabelAnnabel Teo 19, Polytechnic student
“I bought a bottle of Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder capsules for my mom as a birthday gift. She kept the bottle in the cupboard for a long time. Not wanting it to go to waste, I started taking it myself.

Moringa helps me with my studies as I’ve more energy and can focus better during class. I don’t feel as tired as before even after my lessons, some of which end at 9pm.”

Clorine Testimonial PicClorine Teo 27, Financial Planner
“I’ve been taking Grenera Moringa Leaf Powder capsules since 2013.

It provides me with the calcium, protein and iron to complement my vegetarian diet.

I’ve also noticed that my nails and skin have improved tremendously ever since! Thank you for bringing in this miraculous product!”


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